Mr. Sanjeev Goel

Director- Power Transmission

Mr. Sanjeev Goel has been the driving force behind the EPC and the power transmission tower manufacturing business...

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Mr. Manoj Goel

Director- Telecommunications

Mr. Manoj Goel has laid the foundation for consistent growth and motivates the team to strive to delight the customer...

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Mr. Anant Goel

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Director- Telecommunications

Mr. Goel has played a massive role in expanding the telecom business to foreign export markets in Africa and South...

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Mr. Prashant Varma

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Advisor- Construction

Mr. Prashant Varma is a power transmission industry stalwart, having been in the business for almost 50 years...

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Mr. T.R. Nanda

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Advisor- Construction

Mr. Nanda is a power industry veteran, specializing in the planning, design, operation, maintenance...

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Mr. P.K. Das

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Advisor- Intl. Business

Mr. Das has 34 years of total experience in Transmission Line and Substation Projects...

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Mr. N.C. Pandey

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Head- Business Development

Mr. NC Pandey has more than 33 years of experience working in companies in business development...

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Mr. S.C. Shivhare

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Head- Material Procurement

Mr. Shivhare ensures a smooth partnership between R.S. Infra and its key suppliers through a sustainable...

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Mr. Satya Vir Singh

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Head- Manufacturing

Mr. Satya Vir Singh is responsible for the factory and has taken novel measures in ensuring an efficient...

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Lt. Col. Vishnu Sharma

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Head- HR and Administration

Lt. Colonel Vishnu Sharma ensures a smooth internal organizational structure within R.S. Infra...

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Mr. Sandeep Jain

R.S. INFRAPROJECT Head- Telecommunications

Mr. Jain has strong Procurement, Project and People management experience...

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